Monday, January 9, 2012

It's always interesting to see how the universe deliver's.

With the right amount of hope, patience and solid effort, things just seem to come back to you in rewarding form.

I choose to see things through my optimistic eyes and positive light. Which is not always easy.

Sometimes there is this....
You wait. You do nothing............for a while.

Something tells you it's ok, and then there is eventually that necessary shift that takes place in order for your life to completely change around for the best.
That knocking on the door, the voice in the back of the head, the chance of a all means something.

If you listen, and trust your intuition, you will find yourself in just the right place.
Peaceful Intentions
Acknowledging the NOW.


Ms. L.A.R.H.

Marine St. 1-7-12

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