Thursday, November 5, 2009

we love you too

I am so pleased.

The Mountain Family Center is a place in Hot Sulphur Springs that helps families in the community that are having a tough time with bills, etc.
I went there today for the first time, met a woman inside who immediately asked me basic questions about my life, and I answered them all openly and honestly.
After chatting for about 5-10 minutes, she started to tell me what she can do to help us.

She handed me paperwork to fill out at home, LEAP assitance, Rental Assistance, Thansksgiving Dinner application (for a free dinner), and started asking me what size diapers Malia wears, if we eat meat.....
She was filling boxes FULL of food, and loading them up for me to take home.
After the food, she rummaged through a desk and took out a gift card for the grocery store (25 dollars) and handed it to me....
She was helpful towards our basic needs and beyond!
She even asked me if Malia had everything she needed for winter, a coat, boots, etc.
I told her we do not have boots and she gave me some.
She was incredibly helpful, and this was all for FREE.
The community donates food & clothing (like a thrift store) so that people in their community can have help. I feel so thankful and loved and lucky!
Here is a photo of some of the stuff we brought home today from the Mountain Family Center.

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  1. Indeed having a mother as a daycare provider you see closely what they can provide for you.